Welcome to Boss Beez!

Boss Beez is one of the first exclusive 5000 NFTs collections on the Elrond Blockchain. Traits include wings, antennas, hats and many more. All Beez are awesome, but some are rarer than others.

Our goal is to provide our investors with massive value while helping nature throughout our journey, expanding on Elrond's carbon-negative footprint.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/BossBeezNFT

Discord channel: dsc.gg/bossbeeznft


Bees Fun Facts

🐝 Bees have 5 eyes.

🐝 A Queen Bee can produce up to 2000 eggs a day, an average beehive housing about 50.000 bees.

🐝 A Queen Bee lives 2-3 years.

🐝 A bee produces approximately a teaspoon of honey in her lifetime.

🐝 The darker the honey the better.

🐝 Fermented honey, called Mead, is the oldest fermented beverage.


Our Roadmap

10% - Central Beehive Online

Welcome to the Central Beehive, where like-minded bees get together in a private, top-secret location, exclusively created for Boss Beez owners.

*Twitter, Discord channel and website creation completed.*

20% - Sneak Peek

Get your exclusive sneak peek into the amazing Bees. Rarity is the best quality to have, being generated from over 100 traits. And what makes it even more badass: it’s on the blockchain, the uniqueness it’s provable.


30% - Preorder Phases

Get ready and bee prepared to receive your Beez! 10 Rounds of Presales, constantly raising the floor price, benefiting our early adopters.


40% - Giving Makes Our Hearts Get Bigger

Bees are providing one third of Earth’s food supply, being one of the most incredibly important factors for maintaing a healthy planet. A percentage of the total sales will go to charities that we will announce further down the road.

*Providing one real world use for our NFTs. ( But not the only one. )*

50% - Beez become stronger together

Creating a bigger community not only exposes us to great like-minded people, but it will also become more beneficial to Nature.

*Creating community-based financial incentives for Boss Beez holders.*

60% - Shhh. Don’t tell anyone, special NFT auctions incoming.

Queen Bee?!


70% - Stronger together

Constantly trying to find new fields full of flowers to polinate, we are exploring new collaborations with friends.


80% - Full Collection is fairly distributed.

First comers are rewarded, however everyone wins big in the long run.


90% - New FREE NFTs drop for Boss Beez holders

Boss Beez must have a place to sleep too…

*Social Media Banners NFTs drop*

100% - *Classified Information* 

Boss Beez get more honey, baby!

Creating passive income from our NFTs will be pretty cool, huh?